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NGO Website Design

With the beginning of completely new dawn of 2020s decade, philanthropy, charity and welfare have changed their dimensions and have gone large scale where complete world is available to serve. Nonprofit and noncriminal organizations like NGOs need strong digital presence to escalate their work. Gone are the days when organizations used to believe in word of mouth promotion or manual fund raising efforts and crowd funding campaigns. Today the ground is huge and immense manpower is required for volunteering and endorsement. In order to drive investors and volunteers or to network, you need legitimacy and professionalism in order to build faith in your donors, workers and people, that you are the best when it comes to philanthropy, welfare and service for the society.

ngo website design

Why Choose Us?

Create an impactful online presence for your social cause!

Why 9HEAVEN for your NGO website?

When the whole world is just one click away, it becomes necessary that your NGO is 24*7 accessible for the audience. A website serves as an additional communication channel to endorse your achievements and relay your ongoing and upcoming projects before the audience. Through a website, you can reach out to millions within no time and furnish them targeted content based on their needs. You can facilitate online speedy donations through websites that will promote transparency, security, and cost-effectiveness. It will also provide users an option of anonymity. Almost 4.5 Billion people are floating on the internet today with unique individuality who believe in the authenticity of organization. They have opinion and voice of theirs which needs to be raised through your organization. Keeping track of oneself on one’s website may not only help keep the short-term and long-term goals of the organization in mind, but it also lends to itself a sense of control and autonomy in its actions and performance. Webmasters controlling the website, therefore, have more than just control over the image of an organization. So when you have a sea of people to influence then why not opt for a Website – an escalator to success.

Whom do we work with?

9HEAVEN aims at supporting such organizations and their noble cause. We offer pocket and eco-friendly websites for NGOs to flourish. We have earlier worked with many NGOs like MERA LAKSHYA. We develop, host, and do website care. Our websites are robust, SEO friendly, responsive, secure, fast, modular, and appealing. We build mobile-friendly, accessible, and easy-to-use websites at affordable prices. We excel in website designing and our prime motto is to give you the best to date. With years of experience in India and overseas we conceptualize and design your thoughts into reality and our passion for NGOs has led us to offer a 20% discount to such noble laureates of society.

Free Razorpay Payment Gateway Setup

Accepting Donations

Raising money for a good cause? Our hosted Donations page saves you valuable time by automatically sending personalized 80G receipts.

Automated 80G Receipts

Eliminate manual intervention by sending automated receipts on payment confirmation. NGOs can also use automated 80G receipts.

Custom Fields

Collect information relevant and important to your business (eg: PAN card details) by adding and modifying fields on the Payment Page.

We Provide You a Discount Price for all charity and non-profit websites.
Budget limitations are common with non-profit and charitable organizations. You can view our website plans.

Our Work

Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti

Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti helps you develop your next generation workforce with speed and scale. Job Market today demands life skills such as empathy, communication, leadership skills at all levels of the organization. Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti is a grass root organization working to bring shift in the status quo of underprivileged and untapped masses by the intervention of its specially designed Personal Mastery program and skill-based training to enable them to gain the requisite skills to be ‘market-ready’.

Agnitra Foundation

We as Agnitra Foundation focus and offer sustainable development programs that meet the needs of the employee and the employer without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Amidst the massive growth of industrialization and competitive business trends, the emergence of longitivity and sustainability have increased. Bringing ethics and spiritual values into the workplace have drastically increased productivity, profitability, customer loyalty, and brand reputation. Employers seek encourage spirituality as a way to boost loyalty and enhance morale.

The Sai Foundation

At SAI Foundation, our philosophy is to uphold the sanctity of human life. We aim to pursue relief activities to relieve suffering and empowering the women in marginalized sectors of our society. We raise awareness of issues and put an emphasis on social responsibility and human values.

Many more

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